Yihan Li, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Wednesday 5 February 2020

Fintech startup business Aifian in 2019 launched its AI Chia Chia, an artificial intellignece-based app functioning as a broker for personal credit information, and has partnered with DoDoHome, a large car parking service provider in Taiwan, for initial commercial use, according to company founder and CEO Ocean Liu.

Using AI and chat robot technology, AI Chia Chia collects users’ personal credit information via conversation for a few minutes, Liu said. Then, the app can use AI-based algorithms to undertake cloud-based analysis of such information to profile personal credit rating, which is expected to be helpful for users applying for small-amount credit loans, Liu noted.

Aifian targets car parking service providers, airline companies and e-commerce operators as partners for use of AI Chia Chia, for they focus on payments by credit cards, Liu indicated, adding that Aifian aims to tap overseas markets.

So far, there are nearly 122,000 users of AI Chia Chia, according to Aifian’s website.